The Exciting Double Ball Roulette


Double ball roulette is a unique type of the regular roulette game, with the notable difference between the standard and the double ball roulette ball being the inclusion of the second ball. The double ball variation features a layover system which can be used with any standard 32-inch roulette wheel with its single ball. An interesting fact worth noting is that each layover system has double player remote controls, that do not need batteries.

It doesn’t matter how awkward it may seem; the two balls are kept from touching each other or colliding during a spin. Thanks to compressed air, the two balls are shot out from the tube. The balls pop out one after the other, in order to prevent them from colliding. Interestingly, as the two balls spin at resonating speeds, the second ball continuously trails the first.

Some players may ask about the probability of the two balls dropping in the same pocket. In order to feed their curiosity, we might say that after thousands of tests, experts have estimated that there is a 1/38 probability that the two balls will land in the same pocket.

The Double ball roulettes’ wheel is similar to American roulette, the double roulette’s wheel rotation consists of 38 divisions, while the betting layout on the table is quite similar.

When a double ball roulette player places an inside bet, he or she has two chances of success, but the payouts are lower than what you’ll find in the regular roulette. On the flip side, when placing outside bets, the player wins on the condition that both balls drop into the chosen numbers. Payouts for the outside bets are higher than those in regular roulette.

The rules of the double ball roulette game

  1. Players are allowed to place a wager – it encompasses both the red and black colours.
  2. The game also features a double ball jackpot bet. In order for the bet to win, the two roulette balls need to drop into the chosen numbered pocket.
  3. The game uses a double zero wheel (the traditional game).
  4. The betting layout of the game features the same elements as those in American roulette.
  5. The inside bets win when either of the two balls turns out to be successful. The roulette player has got a chance to win and earn twice as much, in case the two balls turn out to be successful.
  6. Players win the outside bets when both balls turn to be successful.
  7. The game consist of different elements, one that readily stands out is the two balls; each double ball roulette game player is provided with a remote-controlled button. When the air gun is triggered, the two balls are launched. No dealer puts the balls onto the roulette’s wheel head.

Type of bets that are to be made with the double ball roulette

  1. Street bet
  2. Split bet
  3. Corner bet
  4. Five bets
  5. Line bet
  6. Straight-up bet
  7. Column bet and dozen bet
  8. “1 Red, one black” bet
  9. Bets on Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High
  10. Double Ball Jackpot.